7 p.m., Noblessner foundry, Tallinn

Arvo Pärt Days. ALBUMS: FUTURE ALBUM - Arvo Pärt's birthday concert

XV FUTURE ALBUM Symphony No. 1 „Polyphonic“ Symphony No. 2 Symphony No. 3 Symphony No. 4 „Los Angeles“ Swansong. Littlemore Tractus NFM Symphony Orchestra Wrocław Conductor Tõnu Kaljuste  The world's triumphant premier performance of all four Arvo Pärt's symphonies took place at one concert during the 2011 Nargenfestival in Noblessner foundry. ECM in cooperation with conductor Tõnu Kaljuste have now set up a plan to record for the first time the symphonies on one disc and to add one of the latest orchestral works 'Swansong. Loe edasi...

6 p.m., Kolmainu Church, Rakvere

Arvo Pärt Days. ALBUMS: KANON POKAJANEN - Arvo Pärt's birthday concert

VIII KANON POKAJANEN (1998, ECM New Series 1654/1655) Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir Conductor Kaspars Putinś ECM's 8th album of Arvo Pärt's music 'Kanon Pokajanen', recorded by Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir and Tõnu Kaljuste, was nominated for Grammy's best classical contemporary composition award and recognised by eminent music magazines Gramophone and BBC Music Magazine. Arvo Pärt's most extensive choral piece 'Kanon Pokajanen'  will sound on the composer's birthday in his childhood town. Loe edasi...

6 p.m., Püha Risti Church, Paide

Arvo Pärt Days. ALBUMS: TABULA RASA - Arvo Pärt's birthday concert

I TABULA RASA (1984, ECM New Series 1275) Fratres Cantus in Memory of Benjamin Britten Tabula rasa Harry Traksmann (violin) Robert Traksmann (violin) Tallinn Chamber Orchestra Nargenfestival celebrates  Arvo Pärt's birthday in Paide, the composer's birthplace, with the performance of the works from his first author ECM disc 'Tabula Rasa' (1984) which started the ECM New Series focusing on new Western classical music. Manfred Eicher's inspiration for the recording and the whole following series came from an incidental listening to the disc's title piece on the car radio, which left him a deep and long lasting impression. Loe edasi...