5 p.m., Blackheads' House, Tallinn

ELLER 125: Heino Eller's complete quartet works in two evenings

Tallinn String Quartet:

Urmas Vulp (violin)

Olga Voronova (violin)

Toomas Nestor (viola)

Levi-Danel Mägila (cello)

Heino Eller

String quartet no 2 in F minor

Four pieces for a string quartet

String quartet no 3 in B major

Native folk tune

The performance of Tallinn String Quartet is an overview of all Heino Eller's quartet compositions. The five string quartets belong to the most significant and valuable works of Estonian chamber music and illustrate the cross-section of many-faceted personality of their creator. The two former for the first time introduced numerous principles and mediums of the 20th century composition technique into Estonian chamber music; the following works reveal the composer's search for inspiration in folklore sources. The fifth, considered to be one of Heino Eller's last major compositions, displays his shift to a psychologically profound style. The cyclic grand works are balanced by the miniatures – quartet arrangements of piano or violin pieces.

In cooperation with Tallinn Philharmonic