St Nicholas Church (Niguliste kirik), Tallinn, 9 pm


Musical stage show

Idea: Mingo Rajandi
Music: Mingo Rajandi
Text: Fernando Pessoa
Set designer: Kristjan Suits
Choreographer: Oksana Tralla
Sound: Haar Tammik


Shane O'Reilly – actor, vocalist (Ireland)
Seán Mac Erlaine – clarinet, electronics, vocalist (Ireland)
Mingo Rajandi – double bass, electronics, kannel (Estonian zither)
Ahto Abner – vibraphone, percussion, electronics

“Creating Gods” is an interdisciplinary stage piece based on the iconic Portugese poet and thinker Fernando Pessoa's texts and Mingo Rajandi's music. The idea of the piece belongs to Mingo Rajandi, however, the dramatic solutions and stage aesthetics are the fruit of the joint creation of all the participants.

The text is in English but the words are not complicated, and the understanding of the work is supported by music and the visual part.

The main theme of “Creating Gods” is the person's attitude to God(s) and – through it – to other people. Pessoa's multilayered but at the same time easily understandable poetry allows for different approaches and finding various subtexts.  

Belief and its attributes – human and divine, good and evil, real and imaginative, this and other dimensions — all these wide themes are dealt with in the work portraying one person's astounding dream.

The ever shrinking world is the place for everyday clash of different, often averse, world views of people convinced in their righteousness, and the ideological tensions seem to be so commonplace but impossible to resolve. Though one is looking for resolution of multiculturalism issues both on national and regional scale, it is also essential to deal with them on the individual level.

“Creating Gods” does not offer all-embracing answers, the aim is rather to comprehend oneself and – through that – others. And understanding is the starting point for compassion.

Mingo Rajandi's cooperation with Seán Mac Erlaine and Shane O'Reilly started in 2016 when the Irish musicians were guests at Avarus Ensemble's “The Cap and Bells” Concert for the 100th anniversary of Irish independence.

Multi-instrumentalist Seán Mac Erlaine is one of the most well-known Irish musicians with a wide range of expertise and a peculiar sound expression, active in many teams and regularly touring the world.

Shane O'Reilly represents the cohort of highly esteemed Irish actors of the younger generation and participates in substantial Irish theatres and numerous international projects.

Ahto Abner belongs to the most acclaimed Estonian percussionists. His exactness and sensitivity as an instrumentalist as well as open mind and passionate performance on the stage have greatly contributed to the works of many Estonian musicians.

Mingo Rajandi is a composer, double bass player and head of several ensembles. His recognizable and characteristic sound language – the synthesis of various styles – has lately been heard more and more in multidisciplinary creative works in addition to concert performances.  

The piece is commissioned by Nargenfestival for Arvo Pärt Days.


6, 7, 8, 9 September 2018 in St Nicholas Church (Niguliste kirik)