6 p.m., Haapsalu Culture Centre

Cyrillus Kreek's Days: Ensemble Strand...Rand

Sofia Joons vocal, violin, Hiiu zither, bowed psaltery Robert Jürjendal guitar Mall Ney harmonium Strand...Rand takes the audience to the world of folk chorals, songs and instrumentals of Estonian-Swedish islands and areas. Some of the chorals were collected by composer Cyrillus Kreek. Peeking into the past, we have unexpectedly discovered beautiful, joyful and even terrible musical pieces and revived them. Secular and religious, sacred and human all at the same time they enable to fuse our mundane life with the eternal, again and again – as befits a mighty world music tradition. Loe edasi...

3 p.m., Haapsalu Culture Centre

Cyrillus Kreek's Days: The brothers Kreek and trompets

Defence Forces Orchestra Haapsalu choires Conductors Peeter Saan and Tõnu Kaljuste The Defence Forces Orchestra is an Estonian representative orchestra re-founded on February 1st 1993 with the restoration of the Estonian Republic and its Defence Forces. Since 1996 the chief and principal conductor of the orchestra is lieutenant colonel Peeter Saan. The main task of the orchestra is to provide with music all national, military, reception and seeing-off ceremonies of high ranking guests of the Estonian state. Loe edasi...