The House of Blackheads, 7 p.m.

Veljo Tormis's choral cycle 'Forgotten peoples'

- Livonian heritage
- Votic wedding songs
- Izhorian epic
- Vepsian paths
- Ingrian evenings
- Karelia's fate

Director and choreographer Inga Vares and Mari Mägi
Chamber Choir Collegium Musicale
conductors Endrik Üksvärav and Miina Pärn
texts Teele Pärn and Arno Jürjens

The concert is a tribute to Veljo Tormis on his 84th birthday. The basis for the choral cycle 'Forgotten peoples' created in 1970-1989 were rune songs of six Balto-Finnish peoples – Livonian, Votian, Izhorian, Vepsian, Ingrian and Karelian. Veljo Tormis said that the work was created at the time when these ethnic groups were disappearing and forgotten by the whole world. By now all the folk singers, whose songs the composer used in the piece, are dead. Many of these Balto-Finnish peoples are on the verge of extinction and there are languages spoken by only a handful of individuals. But Veljo Tormis gives them all eternal life in music, not letting us forget that at some point their language too sought the eternity in the song.

Tickets on sale from 16 May.