Concert Hall Estonia 7 p.m.

Nargenfestival's opening concert

Joseph Haydn - Symphony No. 90 in C major - Raphael´s arias from oratorio The Creation   Tõnu Kõrvits Time   Veljo Tormis/Tõnu Kõrvits The last ship   Sergei Rachmaninoff Symphony No. 2 in E minor, Op.27   Ain Anger (bass) Estonian State Orchestra (ERSO) Conductor Tõnu Kaljuste Nargenfestival starts a new season with a large symphony orchestra, focusing on the works of eminent Estonian composers Tõnu Kõrvits and Veljo Tormis. The audience has again a lucky chance to enjoy listening to Ain Anger, the soloist of Vienna Opera, this year's winner of Estonian Theatre Prize and a renowned singer who has conquered the world's most significant opera stages and performed with many distinguished orchestras and conductors. Loe edasi...

Haapsalu Harbour 2 p.m.

Cyrillus Kreek's Days: Schooner Hoppet's arrival from Sweden

       . Loe edasi...

Haapsalu Dome Church 6 p.m.

Cyrillus Kreek's Days: Songs for Lena

Cyrillus Kreek – Wake up, my heart  – Jesus, the ultimate good – Two spiritual folk songs of Estonian Swedes – Sleep, sleep, little Mats Pärt Uusberg – In the evening – To the light Tõnu Kõrvits – Four spiritual folk tunes for a string quartet – Songs for Lena for voice and ten instruments (premiere) Lena Willemark (Sweden) Sofia Joons Chamber choir Head Ööd Vend Haapsalu choirs Nargenfestival ensemble Conductors Külli Kiivet, Pärt Uusberg and Tõnu Kaljuste Nargenfestival music days and highlighting the connection between Estonian and Swedish music have taken place in Haapsalu since 2007. Loe edasi...

Haapsalu Stronghold Yard

Cyrillus Kreek's Days: Song Festival of Estonian Swedes

11 a.m. Service in Haapsalu Dome Church 12 noon Song Festival Parade to the Stronghold Yard 1 p.m. Song Festival The events of Cyrillus Kreek's days take us 80 years back and attempt to reconstruct a significant cultural event of Estonian Swedes – their First Song Festival. All singers of Estonian-Swedish origin, high school students studying Swedish and participants outside Estonia are welcome to take part in the Song Festival. The framework of the second Song Festival of Estonian Swedes is based on that of the first one: the start of the festivities in the morning is heralded by trumpets and followed by the service in the church, parade through Haapsalu town and festive concert and dancing in the stronghold yard. Loe edasi...