7 p.m., Blackheads' House, Tallinn

ELLER 125: The Bells of St Paul's

author Indrek Hirv monoplay about composer Heino Eller director Margus Kasterpalu Cast Author and narrator Indrek Hirv Heino Eller – Rain Simmul (Tallinn City Theatre) Anna Eller – Liisa Hirsch (piano) Premiere April 16th 2007 in Tallinn City Theatre during Days of Estonian Music The (mono)play 'The Bells of St Paul's' created by poet Indrek Hirv is a story of becoming an artist and about the possibility of national art without pathos and politics. It is a story of Heino Eller's memories of the early childhood – the flooded meadows at the Emajõgi river, father's strictness, feeling of injustice, free water flow as an intimate experience; his love for a foreigner and an older motherly woman expressed through the nostalgic Nordic music; and an insight into the perfection in art – his contact with an entirely new logic of the most modern music of the time in Zürich. Loe edasi...