St John's Church in Tallinn (Jaani kirik), 7 pm

ARVO PÄRT DAYS 2019 IN TALLINN: birthday concert TE DEUM

Arvo Pärt
- Magnificat
- Cantus in Memory of Benjamin Britten
- Nunc dimittis
- Te Deum

Pärt Uusberg
- A new piece (premiere)

Head Ööd, Vend Chamber Choir
Tallinn Chamber Orchestra 
Conductor Pärt Uusberg

A young Estonian composer and conductor, Pärt Uusberg, leads the evening filled with Arvo Pärt's music in the renowned composer's birth town Rapla and on Arvo Pärt's birthday in Tallinn. The two composers are not barely connected by the common part of their names, but also by the aspiration to the consonant and self-reflective music language as well as by their closeness to spiritual texts. Together with Tallinn Chamber Orchestra and Head Ööd, Vend Chamber Choir, created by the young composer, Uusberg conducts the Arvo Pärt's pieces that inspired him most of all. The new music piece, written especially for the Arvo Pärt Days concerts, is a bow to his senior colleague's work.

Tickets are available in Piletilevi from 13 May.