Haapsalu Dome Church (Haapsalu toomkirik), 5 pm

CYRILLUS KREEK'S DAYS IN HAAPSALU: Kreek's works for a male choir

Cyrillus Kreek

I will come late (E. Enno, 1955)

A little flower song (K. E. Sööt, 1909)

Autumn (J. Liiv, 1937)
Bard's folks (Ed. Wöhrmann, 1955)
Many years (1960)

For Meesi's birthday (1916)
A song about Stalin (J. Smuul, 1951)

Hey-ho! (Russian folk song, 1952)

An old billy-goat (Ukranian folk song, 1952)

Jaan goes to Midsummer bonfire (1951)

Come and listen to a Muhu island man (1959)

Six songs from the island of Hiiumaa (1947)

1. Still sea, moving quietly (Emmaste parish)

2. Hans and Mihkel (Emmaste parish )

3. Hindu boys (Emmaste parish)

4. Two guys from our village (Keina parish)

5. Muhumaa island and Virtsuväin strait (Emmaste parish)

6. Hey, piggy (Hiiumaa) 
Our Master (1943)
Psalm 137 of David (1944)

Rudolf Tobias
You know yourself (for a male choir, arrangement C. Kreek, 1923)

Estonian National Male Choir
Kadri Toomoja (organ)
Conductor Mai Simson
In cooperation with Tõnu Kaljuste

The first concert is the performance of  Cyrillus Kreek's music in Haapsalu sung by Estonian National Male Choir. Mai Simson is a young conductor from Jõgeva who is also a master course student of Estonian Music and Theatre Academy. In addition to Kreek's music the audience will enjoy a work of Rudolf Tobias, another composer closely related to Haapsalu. „You know yourself“ is a Pentecost song, one of his most widely known choir works arranged by Cyrillus Kreek.